Financial Services Client: Boosting Search Engine Results Page Positioning


To obtain page one visibility for most competitive financial keywords


We took a direct approach and applied our three core components – Relevancy, Authority and Technical Optimization – to boost our financial services client’s SEO.


More than $4.5 million in pay-per-click savings, plus:

  • Car Insurance 5th (up 18 positions)
  • Home Insurance 2nd (up 10 positions)
  • Pet Insurance 12th (up 8 positions)
  • Travel Insurance 3rd (up 13 positions)
  • Life Insurance 4th (up 7 positions)
  • Breakdown Cover 8th (up 12 positions)
  • Credit Cards 3rd (up 33 positions)
  • Loans 3rd (up 6 positions)
  • Travel Money 2nd (up 6 positions)

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