Avocados From Mexico: Super Bowl War Room


Ecselis was tasked to work with Avocados From Mexico to support its Super Bowl efforts with a 30 second slot in the first quarter. A quick recap for those of you who haven’t heard about the commercial, this is AFM’s second year running which is a high-pressure situation. A majority of advertisers do not come back a second time – so the commercial had to be great! The commercial was about a human museum in space and aliens viewing the “crazy” and “awesome” things that we humans do! The best earthly thing of all… Avocados From Mexico! It’s actually a pretty funny commercial and if you haven’t already seen it you should check it out!

The Ecselis strategy supported core paid search and YouTube Truview In-Stream. In order to fully support the efforts, AFM asked 2 members of the team, Katie and Sam, to head down to Dallas, where AFM is headquartered, to experience the War Room during the Super Bowl.

What is the War Room?

The War Room for Avocados From Mexico was a collection of all of their agencies together in one room for the Super Bowl to monitor, optimize, update campaigns, and make changes in real time based on the release of the commercial. The clients were present as well so that if there were any questions or urgent requests they could be talked about and executed quickly. This was all based around just 30 seconds, so the updates needed to be made quickly and efficiently.

What did it look like?

In the room there were a bunch of tables, chairs, and beanbags around a large viewing screen to watch the game and of course, all of the commercials! Behind the screen there was a set up for live Twitter videos that AFM was pushing out. These videos gave viewers a real time experience of the War Room and what it is like to be behind the scenes of a major Super Bowl campaign. The client also catered the event so there were tons of tacos, wings, drinks, and guacamole! The creative team made everyone Tshirts with aliens on them to represent the commercial, so everyone was all dressed to impress to support the big spot!

What was Ecselis doing specifically in the War Room?

Optimizing! The team launched some new keywords, specific to the jokes in the commercials, as well as shifted budget towards the top performing campaigns and monitored YouTube performance. The client really just let us do our thing and didn’t ask for any huge reports or new campaigns – which was great! This was in large part due to all of the prep that had been done during the weeks before the spot aired thanks to everyone on the team. Members of Havas’ Display and Broadcast departments were there to support AFM as well. They answered any questions from the client since all of their buys were already put in place and there was no real time updates that they could make.

What about the TV slot?

Annie Poe and Jeff Gagne bought the $5 million, 30 second slot on CBS. Annie explained that the AFM ad was set to air during the first break of the Super Bowl and it was in the “Z” spot. This means that it was set to be the last paid commercial to air before the network cuts back to the game. The team knew that Anheuser Busch had the “1A” position, meaning the first slot, so the team was excited to be in the same break as such a big brand.

So, did the commercial air as expected?

Yes! Thankfully it all went exactly as planned and everyone cheered. The Havas/Ecselis team was extremely relieved since the buy had been on the agency and live TV always has additional factors to be aware of.

Was the Ecselis Strategy a success?

The strategy went better than planned and the client was exceptionally happy.

  • YouTube averaged a $0.03 cost per view, 80% more efficient than compared to industry benchmarks
  • Ecselis was able to bring in over 1.7 million paid views at a limited budget of just under $52k
  • View Through Rate also surpassed industry benchmarks, coming in at a strong 44.17%, 76% higher than the industry average
  • Core Search brought in 30,226 clicks to the AvosInSpace website, driving users to interact with the site and pushing the #AvoInSpace Hashtag, a priority to the client

Takeaways from the Experience:

From our point of view, the Super Bowl War Room experience was something that was unlike anything we have done in the industry before. We learned what it was like to be involved with such a high stakes buy and how to properly support the client in real time – all while having a ton of fun! We didn’t really know what to expect when going down there, but it was less stressful than anticipated thanks to the hard work from the whole team. Due to the high success of the commercial, there are already rumblings that they will do another Super Bowl commercial next year, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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