Encrypted Search for PPC: A Lot of Hype, Little Impact


Last month Google announced security enhancements for paid search, promising to bring it in line with organic search by preventing users’ search queries from being passed on to analytics packages and third-party tools. This update raises a number of questions, namely: why did Google make the change? What does it mean for paid search? How will it affect the practice of performance marketing?

When Google made encrypted search the default setting in 2011, their goal was to increase user privacy. With this in mind, it was inevitable that paid search would fall in line in order to bring parity to search security. Although the core of what performance marketers do in paid search will not change, it’s important to understand search query data, what old techniques are no longer usable, and to set up tools such in order to get the most out of what data remains accessible.

By: Suzie Rafla, Head of Paid Search, Havas Media Group

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