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Following its tradition of innovation, Google recently announced the launch of the Local Search Carousel, featuring a new type of result positioned at the top of the page. Google will now display a horizontal ‘carousel’ of tiled images above your search results when users perform local searches for hotels, nightlife and restaurants. Although the update is currently only available in English in the USA, Google has said it will add more features over time. We take a look at the Carousel’s impact on user experience, the format’s benefits and tradeoffs, and offer some advice for performance marketers going forward.

One of the major benefits from a business perspective is that the Carousel gives exposure to more results, which is a boon to businesses such as hoteliers. However this also means organic search results will lose click share and competing for visibility will require the use of paid ads.

By: Kenneth Domingo, SEO Specialist, Havas Media North America; and Winston Burton, VP, SEO , Havas Media North America

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