Google Enhanced Campaigns


Google has announced that a substantial change to its AdWords platform called Enhanced Campaigns, which will be rolled out over the course of the next six months. Enhanced Campaigns change the way that AdWords campaigns are targeted towards users: it removes the silos between desktop, mobile and tablet campaigns, and instead only allows for a single campaign that will target all three. We look at why this change is being implemented and what exactly is changing, and consider the impact on advertisers.

The move towards Enhanced Campaigns allows Google to tackle a number of increasingly problematic issues such as the low adoption rate of best practice mobile campaigns and the complexity of managing multiple per-device AdWords campaigns. Although this is a boon to ad visibility, allowing advertisers to capture higher share of voice, we can also expect an increased some increases in costs and workload.

By: Alan Boughen, Global Search Director, Havas Media Group; and Jacob Davis, Search Marketing Director, Havas Media USA

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