Google Estimated Total Conversions


Google recently released the first cross device conversion tracking benefit from Enhanced Campaigns called Estimated Total Conversions. Its objective is to provide advertisers with a more comprehensive understanding of the path to purchase and the value of touch points across the Google network. This new enhancement will affect all advertisers who have Google conversion tracking enabled. We take a look at why the change is happening, how it will work, and consider its potential impact.

Google is hoping this change will allow advertisers to better accredit all steps in the conversion process in order to fully understand consumer behavior, and the important role of mobile in converting potential consumers. Google plans on drawing sample data from users logged in across devices while performing searches in order to show the value of Estimated Total Conversions. Although the short term impact might be limited, we can expect subsequent iterations of Cross Device Conversion tracking to provide a more in-depth perspective of the user journey.

By: Ann Kane, SVP, Search Marketing Director, Havas Media USA; and Michael Tuccillo, VP, Search Marketing Director , Havas Media USA

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