Google Penguin


Always endeavoring to reduce webspam and to promote high quality content in its search results Google recently released the Penguin update, its latest algorithm update. Its intended purpose is to level the playing field of organic search by penalizing ‘over-optimized’ websites. We take a look at how Google defines ‘over-optimization’, consider the update’s impact and offer recommendations in order for websites to comply.

Google’s definition of an ‘over-optimized’ site is based on the use of spam tactics such as the use of hidden text and links, duplicate content, and other nefarious practices. Any sites that use these techniques to manipulate their search rankings should expect a sharp decline in traffic as Google furthers its mission to deliver the most relevant search results and to reward quality sites.

By: Winston Burton, SEO Director, Havas Media US; and Alan Boughen, Global Search Director, Havas Media Group

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