Google SEO Update: The Rise of ‘Not Provided’ and Hummingbird


With its recent universal implementation of encrypted search, Google has given way to the rise of ‘Not Provided’ keyword data. Over the last month we have witnessed levels of non-provided data rise up to 95% among some of our clientele. We examine the key impacts of this update, and consider what’s next for SEO as well as Google’s new algorithm ‘Hummingbird’.

In practice, many processes will no longer be available for use, such as comparing keyword usage variance across devices or monitoring individual organic keyword data. This means Google webmaster tools and other data sources will become more valuable than ever – a testament to constantly changing and fast moving space that is SEO. Brands will need to reconsider how they monitor their performance in order to optimize diligently, fortunately there is a host of tools available that serve that purpose.

By: David Freeman, Head of SEO, Havas Media UK; and Winston Burton, VP, Director of SEO , Havas Media USA

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