Optimal A/B Test Period Lengths, Common SEO Content Performance Misconceptions, Google Algorithm Update Speculations, Met Office’s Infographic for Wimbledon


This Week’s SEO Update:

Optimal A/B test period lengths, common SEO content performance misconceptions, Google algorithm update speculations, Met Office’s infographic for Wimbledon

Although Google encourages testing, in a recent Google+ Hangout John Mueller, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, answers the question: “How long is too long for an A/B test?”
There are common misconceptions about SEO content assessment, head to our Consumer Insight section to find out more.
Webmasters have noticed an increase in the fluctuation of their organic traffic and keyword ranking positions. Could this be attributed to an upcoming Google algorithm update?
Met Office’s 2016 Wimbledon infographic has been uploaded ahead of the event, to capitalize on the full extent of search opportunity, read more on Content We Like.

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