SEO Update: App Indexing in Google, Expandable Sitelinks on Google Mobile Results, Semantic Content Optimization


For this update, Technical SEO delves into the importance of App Indexing in Google, Relevancy SEO tackles Google’s new Sitelinks format for mobile results, and Authority SEO considers the importance of Semantic Content Optimization.

App Indexing can be a huge boost to an app’s visibility: once indexed, apps become visible in mobile searches for relevant content and an “open app” or “install app” button is displayed for users to click on depending whether they already own the app. Performance marketers can use this function and Google’s indexing of deep app content to promote this content in searches. In a similar vein, Google has also recently launched a new format for expandable sitelinks in its mobile search results. This change is of some importance as it allows users to navigate with ease to the top-levels of a website right from the search engine results page, which could be a boon to mobile user experience as long as Google pulls the right links. Lastly we take a look at the importance of Semantic Content Optimization, the practice of adapting web content to satisfy a larger percentage of visitors, which can lead to higher ranks within search results.

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