SEO Update: A New Feature in Google Search Console, The Benefits of “How-To” Guides, Publicity Bandwagons


For this update, Technical SEO examines Google Search Console’s new feature which analyzes blocked content, Relevancy SEO considers the benefits of publishing “how-to” guides as content marketing, and Authority SEO delves into how content marketers can make the most of big events to boost their brands.

With Search Console’s new feature webmasters will now be able to assess the severity of their blocked content. This is especially useful given that blocked content can prevent Google from correctly interpreting websites and indexing them properly. Elsewhere, while “how-to” guides are quite time consuming to produce they make great content to include on websites because they’re helpful and easily shareable. Lastly, big events are a great way to gather media attention and drive traffic, but having your content stand out from the competitions is important and requires some planning. We share our best practices on planning for events such as Christmas.

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