SEO Update: An End to Sneaky Mobile Redirects, Google’s RankBrain, Penguin 4.0 Is Around the Corner


For this update, Technical SEO discusses Google’s warning against the use of devious mobile redirects, Relevancy SEO introduces Google’s new search results AI known as RankBrain, and Authority SEO considers the upcoming Penguin 4.0 update.

Disingenuous redirects have always been a major offense on desktop, but have been largely ignored on mobile until recently. Following their 2014 warning, Google will now begin to take action against webmasters who make use of these redirects whether they are intentional or not. As such, Google is urging webmasters to choose advertisers who are transparent on how they handle user traffic, to avoid unknown redirects and to register with Search Console to stay alert to any issues. Meanwhile, Google has announced a new feature to its Hummingbird algorithm: the machine-learning artificial intelligence RankBrain. Google claims this feature is essential and will eventually make the algorithm more agile and reward marketers who are properly doing SEO. Lastly, it’s not too late for webmasters to clean up their links before Penguin 4.0 comes online says Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google. The main reason behind this state of grace is that unlike previous versions of Penguin, which required a manual data refresh from Google, 4.0 is expected to be real-time when it arrives by the end of 2015.

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