SEO Update: App Streaming, Customer Match & the Impact of Hyper-Targeted Ads on SEO, Mobile Usability


For this update, Technical SEO looks at a new app streaming experiment by Google, Relevancy SEO considers the impact of hyper-targeted ads on SEO, and Mobile SEO discusses the Search Quality Rater Guidelines’ new emphasis on mobile usability.

Google’s mobile Search Engine Results Pages have been returning app content since late 2013, however one of the prerequisites for this to occur was that relevant apps needed to be downloaded onto users’ devices. As of November 2015, Google are beta testing delivery of in-app results while removing this app installation prerequisite. If this test is successful, we could eventually see this feature rolled out to more apps and more markets outside the USA, and app content could become much more integral to success in organic search. Meanwhile, with tools such as Customer Match, Google is continuing to innovate their PPC offering to allow advertisers to target very specific groups of users with many kinds of ads. CRM data has the potential to drastically impact PPC and SEO figures when used to enhance paid advertising targeting, especially when applied towards the end of the purchasing funnel. Lastly, Google has updated their Search Quality Rater Guidelines to include new criteria in order to evaluate sites on mobile usability (among other factors). It’s important to note that these tests are conducted by actual users, not just Google’s algorithms, so it’s very important for webmasters to consider how users interact with their site as a whole, lest their sites be flagged by a Quality Rater.

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