SEO Update: Deceptive Download Buttons, New User Insight Methods in Google Analytics, Google Takes Action Against Free Product Reviews, Flag Stories Draw Backlinks Galore


For this update, Technical SEO focuses on Google’s decision to flag¬†websites that trick users into clicking through to unwanted pages, Consumer Insight looks at a new reporting method in Google Analytics, and Content Marketing considers Google’s decision to take action against bloggers who link to specific pages in return for goods and services.

Google have flagged harmful sites, blocking users from accessing them for their own safety, for quite some time. Google is now extending this practice to sites that deceive users into clicking through to pages they didn’t want to. This won’t affect most sites but it’s good for web developers and SEO experts to keep in mind that Google is being much more stringent when it comes to clear usability. Meanwhile, Google have released a new beta report in Analytics for Premium users: User Explorer Reporting. This new feature is meant to allow Analytics users to anonymously analyze individual interactions with their website, delivering incremental insights and helping marketers gain valuable information on how to optimize their site. This is an exciting development as it will allow Analytics users to build more accurate personas of a site’s users. Lastly, Google has begun to take action against bloggers that accept goods and services in exchange for a link on their site. This is especially important for brands that rely on blogger links to boost their SEO authority. These brands will need to diversify their tactics in order to remain competitive in their field.

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