SEO Update: Google Launches AMP Demo, Limiting Rich Snippets to Reduce SERP Clutter, the Impact of Duplicate Blog Content on LinkedIn


For this update, Technical SEO discusses the launch of a new Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Relevancy SEO looks at Google’s decision to limit rich snippets in order to reduce SERP clutter, and Authority SEO considers the impact of posting duplicate content on platforms such as LinkedIn and Medium.

AMP is a Google-backed open source initiative project aiming to facilitate the creation of mobile-friendly content. AMP pages will first start showing in the Google News carousel for news publishers who have deployed AMP-related pages on Wednesday February 24th, 2016; a demo is also available on mobile devices at AMP is a much needed improvement for users,  a win for Google and publishers, and potentially a headache for developers. We can also expect fluctuations in paid and organic impressions, as well as clicks for big content sites once the rollout is public. Meanwhile, Google has also announced that it wants to avoid clutter in search results and will limit rich snippets as a part of this effort: going forward, site and query data will be evaluated in order to determine which results will display rich snippets. Clearly, Google is very conscious of rich snippets and don’t want to overwhelm users with eye candy. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t discourage websites from using them: if they want rich snippets to show for a specific query, websites need to ensure Google considers them the best, or one of the best, on the page for that search result. Lastly, a recent study by EConsultancy has found LinkedIn is responsible for 64% of all visits from social media networks to corporate websites, which makes reposting content to sites such as LinkedIn Pulse and Medium very tempting. However, what is the impact of this practice on SEO? In fact, Google is more concerned with knowing which page it needs to rank and which page to ignore, meaning duplicate content does not equate to an automatic penalty.

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