SEO Update: Google Testing Feature to Skip Video Introductions, Personal Assistant Search Optimization, 4 Tips to Maximize Content Marketing Performance, ‘Hip Holiday Finder’ Finds Success


This Weeks SEO Update:

Google testing feature to skip introductions in ‘how to’ videos, the rise of voice: personal assistant search optimization, four tips to maximize content marketing performance, hip holiday finder scores big.

Technical SEO

Google is testing a new feature that will allow users to skip video introductions when searching for ‘how to’ queries and jump directly to the answer in the video.

Consumer Insight

PASO – Personal Assistant Search Optimization – is on the rise! Brands that want to organically reach their audience using personal assistants should start considering voice search in their SEO strategy.

Content Marketing – Development

David Freeman, Owned Performance Business director at Ecselis UK, shares four tips on how to maximize marketing performance.

Content Marketing – Content We Like

Discover how a holiday finder focused on hip and fashionable destinations scored a huge amount of backlinks!

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