SEO Update: Google Testing Hotel Listings on its Local Panel, Voice Search Opportunities, The Most Valuable Optimization, Google Trends Provides Interactive Content on UK Elections


This Weeks SEO Update

Google testing hotel listings on its Local Panel, Voice Search opportunities, the debate between SEO or Content Writers for most valuable optimization, Google Trends provides interactive content on UK elections.

Technical SEO

After rolling out the two tab local panel interface, Google is testing a third tab for hotel listings. This enables users to toggle between a business overview and reviews within the search results.

Consumer Insight

Pete Meyers from Moz carried out some research to showcase the strength between featured snippets from search and voice answers.

Content Marketing – Developments

Considering both technical SEO and creative content rely on each other to enable a site’s content to be present within the ESRPs, the industry debates on who should optimize content for websites, SEOs or content writers?

Content Marketing – Content We Like

Google Trends pulled together all the search data surrounding the election including and delivered it in easy to consume bite size infographics and interactive content.

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