SEO Update: Google to Add Mobile Page Speed to their Algorithm, Text vs. Voice Queries, Tinder Brings ‘Swipe the Vote’ to the UK


For this update, Technical SEO discusses the inclusion of mobile page speed on the next Google algorithm update and how you can take advantage of Google’s new tool to test your website. Consumer Insights takes a look at the rise of voice search and its impact on SEO. Content Marketing analyzes the evolution of the press release amid the reign of the blog article.

Google’s algorithm update is likely to happen in the upcoming months and will continue to push forward Google’s focus on mobile user experience. This is particularly important when considering that mobile visits are taking over desktop visits for many websites. Even though the algorithm update is not out yet, Google just launched a useful tool that will allow you test how mobile friendly your website is. The natural language structure of voice searches differs significantly from typed search queries. How can marketers adapt to the way users are asking questions for better content optimization? This month’s consumer insights section describes the increasing use of digital assistants and their impact on SEO. Content marketing is central to marketing strategies today. For Patrick Armitage, blog posts are “killing the press release”.  Is the press release an endangered species? Learn how Public Relations is evolving to fit into this new communication model. Tinder’s target market will play a major part in the E.U. referendum. Tinder is using their familiar swiping motion to encourage the millennial voter’s participation with its “Swipe to Vote” feature. The tool educates and encourages users to vote on the UK’s E.U. Referendum.  Discover how this content strategy is encouraging user participation.

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