SEO Update: Google’s AMP Project, Duplicate Content & Microdata, a History of Reddit


For this update, Technical SEO examines Google’s unveiling of their Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) Project, Relevancy SEO discusses a study on duplicate content and microdata, and Authority SEO considers the history of domains shared on the aggregator website Reddit.

With their AMP Project, Google is clearly stating that they place high importance on mobile web pages. Publishers would be wise to wait for case studies validating the projects advantages before relying entirely on it to build their pages. Meanwhile, with close to 30% of websites still hosting duplicate content, there is still plenty of opportunities for marketers to get ahead of their competitors. Additionally, it is rumored that Google will begin to consider microdata as a ranking factor: a feature that only 20% of websites currently account for. Lastly, we take a brief look at the history of Reddit and the provenance of links shared on the site. By and large, data shows the decline of authority news sites such as in favor of community sites such as

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