SEO Update: Google’s “Project Owl” Unleashed to Tackle Fake News, 50% of Links on Google’s First Results Page Will Be HTTPS, Link Building Is No Longer a One-Person Job


This Weeks SEO Update:

Google unleashes their “Project Owl” to take on fake news, HTTPS catches on amongst websites – leading to more secure links on Google SERPs, why link building can no longer be a solo effort.

Consumer Insight

“Project Owl” is Google’s first major answer to fake news. It’s launching alongside a new emphasis on authoritative content to help quash non fact-based stories.

Technical SEO

HTTPS is finally catching on amongst websites, which is having a visible effect on our Google results. At this rate, most first page results could be all HTTPS by the end of 2017.

Content Marketing – Development

Julie Joyce, columnist for Search Engine land explains why and how almost every department should be involved with the link-building process for better success.

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