SEO Update: How 301 Redirects can Negatively Affect your SEO, Google’s Machine Learning will Identify Reactions to Mobile Search Results, How to Plan your SEO for Seasonal Events, Unibet’s Euro 2016 Survey Success


For this update, Technical SEO discusses how to keep 301 redirects from negatively affecting your SEO position.  Discover how Google will use machine learning to identify people’s reactions to search results.  Under our Content Marketing Developments section learn how sites are planning their SEO for seasonal events to be ahead of the competition. Content We Like features Unibet’s Euro 2016 survey and how it generated over 2,000 mentions online within a week.

A 301 redirect is a permanent redirection from one page to another. There are two ways redirects are may be affecting your SEO position: the chain and the loop.  Learn how to amend this redirect chains by using UTM tags and google analytics. More and more people Google search on their smartphones, and Google is highly interested in developing a better platform for these users. On this month’s Consumer Insights section learn how Google plans to use machine learning to identify people’s reactions to search results. Seasonal events have the potential to deliver short term traffic, but how can you plan ahead to attain visibility? Our Content Marketing Developments section offers tips and goods examples of sites that have planned ahead. Many sites are currently covering topics and news about the Euro. Unibet published its Euro 2016 survey just a week before the tournament started and generated almost 2,000 online mentions within a week.

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