SEO Update: Local Business Data in Knowledge Panel, the Impact of Search Quality Raters Guidelines on SEO, On-Hover Links Invisible to GoogleBot


For this update, Technical SEO considers potential updates to how users can input their business data, Relevancy SEO looks at how Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines affect SEO, and Authority SEO examines On-Hover Actions and their relation to GoogleBot.

Google has added a new structured markup page for providing local business data, which will allow for sites to be crawled for new business information. This update should make it significantly easier for both Google and businesses to show more accurate, real-time data. Meanwhile, Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines revealed that the company hires thousands of people to manually evaluate the quality of search results. The guidelines also provide insight on what Google considers when evaluating a website or set of web pages. Lastly, we’ve learned that GoogleBot will not detect on-hover events because the bot doesn’t interact with the page on a physical level. On-hover links are still a worthwhile feature, however if these links need to be found by GoogleBot then webmasters should implement additional measure to make them legible.

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