SEO Update: Local Rankings Updates to the Google Help Page, Co-Founder of Mozilla Releases Tracker-Blocking Browser , Google Potentially Testing New Penguin Algorithm in Search Results


For this update, Technical SEO looks at a new update to Google’s help page which covers how to improve local rankings, Consumer Insight discusses the release of a new browser which blocks trackers and intrusive ads, and Content Marketing considers whether Google is live-testing a new algorithm to tackle ‘spammy’ websites.

Google recently expanded its help page to include a comprehensive list of tasks for business owners to complete in Google My Business if they wish to maximize their visibility in local search results. The page now also provides better definitions of the key ranking factors for local businesses: relevance, distance and prominence. Both Google and businesses have something to gain here: while the tasks will help encourage local rankings, they will also provide Google with enhanced information which it can deliver in its search results. Meanwhile, the co-founder of the Mozilla Foundation has announced the releases of a new browser, called ‘Brave’, which blocks trackers and intrusive ads by default and whose proposition is to offer user to browse better, fast and safer. The browser will only block “malvertising” and will collect anonymized data to create audience segments that neither reveal personal data or impact the performance of a web page. Lastly, there has been a lot of talk lately regarding fluctuations in search results, and whether or not Google could be testing the fourth iteration of its Penguin algorithm. These fluctuations could be Google testing the update in a live setting for a select number of search queries and could very well mean we are getting close to an official release date.

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