SEO Update: Mobile Searches Dominate, a New Deal Between Yahoo & Google, the Future of Author Authority


For this update, Technical SEO discusses Google’s announcement that over half of all searches come from mobile devices, Relevancy SEO examines the new agreement which will allow Google to partially power Yahoo Search, and Authority SEO considers whether Google could be bringing back its Authorship feature.

Mobile had already asserted its dominance in the United States and similar markets as early as May 2015, so it comes as no surprise that it now accounts for over half of all searches globally. At the same time, it should now be clear to all webmasters that they are losing potential users if their sites are not mobile friendly. Meanwhile, Yahoo and Google have penned a deal that will see Yahoo Search feature search results and ads by the Alphabet subsidiary. This new agreement is a win-win for both companies as Google seeks to increase search revenue and Yahoo wishes to satisfy investors pressuring for increased revenue. Lastly, we could be witnessing the return of Google authorship, a feature that allowed authors and publishers to tag their content for better identification. Many webmasters never bothered to remove their tags following Authorship’s discontinuation in 2014 and Google has suggested they would consider using the feature if enough users are implementing it.

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