SEO Update: No Mobile Index for Google (Yet), Adblockers in iOS9, High Profile Mommy Blogger Quits


For this update, Technical SEO looks at the steps Google must take to create a separate index for mobile results, Relevancy SEO considers the potency of the adblockers that are available to consumers with the release of Apple’s iOS9, and Authority SEO discusses the challenges brands face when offering certain bloggers SEO content hosting opportunities.

Though search results differ between mobile and desktop, they are still predominately determined by the desktop experience. In order to properly form a separate mobile index Google will have to account for, and wean itself off, its desktop bias. Meanwhile, iPhone owners who have installed the latest update (iOS9) can now use adblockers on their phones, a first for mobile users. There are multiple apps available, each with different settings and blocking options, and while the apps we tested do offer to block Google Adwords this setting was always kept off by default. Once a crowd favorite emerges we’ll be able to have a better idea of these adblockers’ potential impact. Lastly, we consider how a high profile incident between a blogger and an established brand might force a change in how bloggers are approached in the future.

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