SEO Update: Non-news AMP Could be Around the Corner, ‘My Business’ Users Can Now See Search and Maps Hits, Critic Reviews’ Now Appear in Local Listings Results, AT&T’s Optimized Post-Purchase Design


Google recently announced the expansion of  AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) outside of the ‘In the News’ box, and is now driving people to test their recently released demo through messaging in the Search Console, head over to our Technical SEO section to find out more.

Google’s My Business has updated insights to show whether a user finds a listing through Search or Maps, Read more on our Consumer Insight section.

Google has released the functionality to display critic reviews on local listings. This presents a world of opportunities for both business and publishers alike, head over to our Content Marketing Developments section to read more.

AT&T U-Verse’s support section has been designed to optimize the user’s experience, and reduce reliance on their call centers, more on Content We Like.

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