SEO Update: Rankbrain Mostly Used to Rank Complex Queries, How Google Treats Voice & Written Searches, the Importance of Distribution in Content Marketing, Top 20 Most Bizarre Google Searches


Google’s machine learning system, RankBrain is being used for longer and more complex queries, proving that SEO is no longer about  just keywords but also sentences that are closer to how humans speak. Read more in Technical SEO!

More and more users are now using voice searches, but Google doesn’t seem too confident about about delivering successful results for voice search queries. Find out more in our Consumer Insight section.

Of course creating great content is important – but a great idea won’t make your content marketing successful without a good distribution strategy behind it. Content Marketing shares insights on how to optimize campaigns.

In less than two days an article from Search Engine Journal covering the 20 most bizarre Google searches has already been shared over 200 times on social media networks and generated 83 backlinks. Learn more on Content We Like.

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