SEO Update: “Send to Your Phone” & AMP Launched, Head of Wikimedia Resigns Over New Search Engine, the SEO Success of a Leonardo DiCaprio Infographic


For this update, Technical SEO considers the launch of the new “Send to Your Phone” and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) features, Consumer Insight delves into a search engine scandal which lead to the resignation Wikimedia’s head, and Content Marketing considers the SEO success of a Leonardo DiCaprio and Oscars-inspired infographic.

Once-limited to Google Maps, the “Send to Your Phone” feature is now available on SERPs as well: Appearing only on searches with local intent, once used, it sends a push notification to ther user’s device so they can use the map on the go. The user must be logged into Google to use this feature, and they must also be logged into their device with the same login details. Google also launched AMP this week. The former launch shows Google’s determination towards providing a fluid user experience on multiple screens, and businesses should be looking at cross-device tracking to gain insights on how users are behaving on their website. AMP is undoubtedly the feature to have more impact on marketing considerations: though it’s not yet a ranking factor, faster mobile pages will no doubt lure more users. Elsewhere, Wikimedia head Lila Tretikov resigned this week after plans for a search engine which could oppose Google’s were leaked. The plans were no doubt drawn up as a response to more information from Wikipedia now being available in SERPs’ knowledge graphs. For the time being the project has been dropped, but Wikipedia decrease in traffic is bound to incite them to find a way to respond to the trend. Lastly, ahead of the Oscars, a “Leonardo DiCaprio VS Oscar Winners in the Last 15 Years” infographic has been all the rage of late, achieving 165 backlinks from 20 referring domains. This goes to show that complexity, lots of time, lots of money and lots of research are not necessary for success. Interesting content around a subject of relevance can help achieve strong results near-effortlessly. Case in point: this infographic plots data from IMDB and boxofficemojo on a graph… A smart move by Forbes!

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