SEO Update: Signs of a Potential Google Update, The AP Partners with Google & Twitter to Track 2016 US Elections Trends, How To Earn 20K+ Facebook Shares for $500


For this update, Technical SEO considers whether we could be on the cusp of another Google algorithm update, Consumer Insight discusses the Associated Press’ US Election Buzz tool, created in partnership with Twitter and Google, and Content Marketing looks at how managed to garner over 20,000 Shares on Facebook after only investing $500 into a Google survey.

Google has yet to confirm an update is on its way, however SEO specialists have recently found that: local results are becoming more prominent, instances of ranking for search terms are changing from moment to moment, and the Search Console has not been updated for a full week. All these phenomena are leading experts to think that Google is ramping up for the long-awaited Penguin update. Realistically, this is a “wait and see” situation which could be precipitated by the arrival next month of Google’s new CEO John Giannandrea, who previously oversaw the research and AI division. Elsewhere, the Associated Press have produced – in association with Twitter and Google – a US Election Buzz tool designed to show real time information on Twitter conversations and Google search related to the election. The data, which goes all the way back to August 2015,  has shown that users are more likely to first use Google to research issues and later use Twitter to discuss once better informed. Lastly, a $500 survey by shows us that good content doesn’t have to look pretty or cost very much: it’s far more important to understand your audience and the things will reach them on a personal level. In this case, the survey asked 5,000 US citizens a single question: how much they had in savings and earned links from 1,010 domains 23,392 combined Facebook shares, likes and comments.

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