SEO Update: The Effects of Dedicated IP Addresses and SSL Certificates, Google Offers New Travel Search Features, A Quick Guide to Pokémon Go Marketing, How to Play Pokémon Go


This Week’s SEO Update:

A dedicated IP address and SSL certificate can affect your rankings, Google offers new hotel search filters, deal labels and airline price tracking, a quick guide Pokémon Go marketing, and an extensive guide to Pokémon Go.

A dedicated IP address won’t increase your SEO but it can boost your rankings, head over to our Technical SEO section to find out how.

Mobile visits now represent 40 percent of total travel traffic.  Learn about Google’s new mobile tools and how they intend to respond to mobile travel traffic growth.

Pokémon GO average daily users have already surpassed Tinder, WhatsApp and Twitter’s app. There are still ways for marketers to take advantage of this new cultural phenomenon, learn more on our Developments section.

The Verge has created a complete guide to show users how to play Pokémon GO, read more on Content We Like.


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