SEO Update: the End of AJAX-Crawling, More Query Data Hidden, Another Link Network Penalized


For this update, Technical SEO considers Google’s decision to stop crawling AJAX-based websites, Relevancy SEO examines whether Google has started hiding more Analytics data from webmasters, and Authority SEO discusses Google’s penalization of the underground SAPE network.

Google recently announced that they will be discontinuing their support for AJAX-based websites, a format they had agreed to crawl back in 2009. Sites using AJAX will still be indexed, but webmasters should begin to implement new best practices and make sure Googlebot is not blocked. Meanwhile, webmasters the world over have noticed that they are no longer able to access query data, with top keywords listed as “not set”. This is probably a bug in the system, given that query data is securely shared via the Google Search Console. Lastly,  Google was penalized underground network SAPE for the second time in two years, plummeting certain websites’ ranks overnight. Google’s reconsideration process is more difficult to achieve with every violation and it might take some time for SAPE to recover from this blunder.

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