SEO Update: The Future of AMP, The Latest Insights on Travel Trends, How Google Can Tackle its Paid Links Problem, and Beer by Country


This Weeks SEO Update:

The future of AMP, the latest insights on travel trends, how Google can tackle its paid links problem, and beer by country.

Technical SEO

Google provided an update on Accelerated Mobile Pages. Although AMP is not currently a ranking signal, Google has said that it will show links to AMP-enabled pages over other versions of the same page. Read more to find out about the future of AMP.

Consumer Insight

Did you know that 85% of leisure travelers decide on activities after arriving at their destination? Google does. Google has studied billions of searches in order to unveil insights into a traveler’s customer journey, download this week’s SEO Update to find out more.

Content Marketing – Development

Google is often criticized for how it handles spammy links. However, not all paid links are obvious and some paid links may have no tell-tale signs on page. Learn more about how Google could address the challenges it faces.

Content Marketing – Content We Like

Vinepair is an online content hub dedicated to news about wine, beers, and spirits. Last year they launched an infographic showing the most popular beer in every country. The content is highly relevant and resonates closely with Vinepair’s target audience. Find out more now.


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