SEO Update: The Impact of 301 Redirect, Google Tests “Recent Purchase” Feature, the Correlation Between Links and Content with Page Rankings


For this update, Technical SEO looks at how 301 redirect chains can impact brands, Relevancy SEO focuses on Google’s tests to include a “Recent Purchase” feature in search results, and Authority SEO examines the results of a new study proving the correlation between links and content with Google first page rankings.

SEO experts have always assumed 301 redirects reduce authority from page to page, however a new test by has revealed that this loss grows bigger with each hop in the chain. While, 301 redirecting a dead or changed page to the new location remains a good practice, the best solution is to avoid changing URL in the first place. Meanwhile, Google has moved towards organizing users’ own information: a natural evolution of Google Now and its “tell me about my X” tool. Searching for products recently purchased (while logged into Gmail) can yield a personalized content unit on behalf of Google. Opinion is divided between creepy and useful, but there’s little dispute on how interesting this new feature is, and that it could weigh heavily in the future of SEO dynamics. Lastly, a new study has confirmed suspicions that content rated as “topically relevant” and links correlate with rankings more than any other factors. However, the study also highlights that these elements by themselves are not enough and that brands must provide domain diversity and in-depth topical content if they wish to top the search results page.