SEO Update: The Relationship Between Crawl Rate and Algorithmic Updates, Representatives Can Now Edit SERP Listings, Google Penalizes a Link Network


For this update, Technical SEO examines the relationship – or lack thereof – between algorithm updates and sudden crawl rate spikes, Relevancy SEO considers the benefits of allowing organizations’ representatives to edit SERP listings, and Authority SEO considers Google’s recent punitive action against a link network in Japan.

SEO specialists have long thought that an algorithm update can be anticipated by a sudden increase in the crawl rate stats for their site. However, Google’s Gary Illyes has recently stated the two phenomena are not related. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that any significant updates to a website will lead to increased crawl rates. Meanwhile, Google will now allow organizations’ representatives to edit SERP listings information, a significant step forward in keeping knowledge graphs and listings up to date and accurate. Lastly, Google recently took action action a link network for the first time since 2014, also marking the company’s first punitive action in Japan. Given the particularities of Japan’s search landscape, this change is likely to impact the vast majority of searches made in the country. Though this only affects Japanese websites, it’s a timely reminder that Google hasn’t ceased to seek and take action against link networks.

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