SEO Update: The Rise of HTTPS, Changes to ‘In-Depth Articles’, Core Ranking Signals Now Include Panda


For this update, Technical SEO looks at the rise of HTTPS, Relevancy SEO examines the changes made to ‘in-depth articles’, and Authority SEO discusses the inclusion of the Panda algorithm in Google’s core ranking signals.

This week, a study showed HTTPS URLs account for over 25% of the top 10 search results for the queries tracked by Moz. This shows us that more and more top search performers are switching to secure protocols, a trend that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Elsewhere, Google has brought in two major changes to in-depth articles, likely in an attempt to reduce the overall length of results pages. Sites that generate large amounts of traffic from in-depth articles will most likely see their visits drop in the near future, except for those at the top of the results page. Lastly, the Panda algorithm, which fights spam and poor quality content, has now become a core ranking signal for Google search. Going forward, it will be more difficult to identify sites that have been affected by Panda, however this should encourage businesses to make quality content creation a top priority unless they wish to suffer reduced visibility against their competition.

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