SEO Update: Updates to Search Console, New Google Assistant, ‘Right to be Forgotten’ Dispute in France


For this update, Technical SEO discusses Google’s 2016 ‘I/O’ developer conference, Consumer Insight looks into Google’s new product Google Assitant, and Content Marketing considers the impact a French court order requesting Google to globally delist all links related to a person who has requested the ‘Right to be Forgotten’.

Last month, Google held its 2016 I/O developer conference where it unveiled a number of new products and projects. Of particular interest to SEO experts, however, were a number of slides which revealed new features in Search Analytics for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) results, rich results and featured snippets. Keeping in mind that Google said they were beginning to track local and rich snippets, as well as the Knowledge Graph, in the Search Console, we are looking forward to measuring the impact of rich snippets in a not-so-distant future.  During the I/O event, Google also announced that they were launching ‘the new evolution of search’: a personal assistance platform called Google Assistant. This new platform will change the way users interact with Google by opening  a two-way conversation between them, helping users fulfill tasks and perform search queries seamlessly. We expect the entire search space to be impact soon after the platform’s launch.  Meanwhile a French court has ordered Google  to globally delist all links related to a person who has requested the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ (RTBF). Google already complies with the European Court’s ruling on RTBF, meaning access to delisted links is restricted for users from the same country as the person who made the RTBF request. The question remains: where is the limit on the removal search results?

For extra content this week: a website called ‘DeathList’ compiles a list of 50 celebrities it predicts will pass away this year. Although a little grim, this is a great example of how to draw attention, generating engagement, backlinks and social buzz thanks to an active user forum.

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