Social Search: SEO Best Practices & Tips


In the last six months, top-tier search engines have been increasingly incorporating social signals in their algorithms as a factor in ranking sites in terms of keywords. We expect social search to continue to gain popularity as both search engines and users seek endorsements from trusted connections. We consider the impact of Social Search and offer some best practices for performance marketers going forward.

Though Social Search is still in its infancy, its impact is already visible in Google search results: social annotations and recommendations are now displayed, encouraging users to make use of social interactions to share and promote content. It’s also becoming increasingly clear that Facebook and Twitter popularity is strongly correlated to strong performance in search engine rankings. Our best practices include a list of tips to increase sharing and endorsements through social media, which can positively impact search rankings.

By: Winston Burton, SEO Director, Havas Media US; and Rob Griffin, Global Director Product Development, Havas Media Group

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