This Weeks SEO Update: Google’s Penguin Update, A Guide to Http/2, Why You Should Rethink Local Marketing, and a Presidential Election Game


This Week’s SEO Update:

Google’s Penguin update, a guide to http/2, why you should rethink local marketing, and a presidential election game.

Technical SEO

The new penguin update is out and it is now more granular than ever. The algorithm is no longer site wide and can impact site pages and sections individually. Read more find out how this could impact your website’s ranking.

Consumer Insight

Maria Fores, a Senior SEO Executive at Ecselis London, has put together a very clear guide to explain what HTTP/2 is and its advantages for page speed. Head over to Consumer Insight to find out why. Find out whether this is a suitable investment for your business.

Content Marketing – Development

Megan Hannay focuses on local marketing and content strategies to enable companies to grow their local rankings and awareness without using ads. Hannay invites people to rethink how they do local marketing and encourages relationships with the target audience at a local level, read more today.

Content Marketing – Content We Like

“Dump the Trump” has been named site of the day by the AWWWARDS for its design, usability and creative content. The game has earned 118 links since the beginning of the month from high authority domains. Find out more in the PDF.

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