Ecselis offers a wide array of services in the field of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing: Drive Sales’ Cost-Efficiently (CPA)

Ecselis offers affiliate activity planning and buying, campaign management via in-house and third party networks as well as pay-per-call/offline tracking propositions. We put our decades of experience to use to offer insightful strategic recommendations. Clients also benefit from our long-standing relationships with key affiliate partners, our tried and tested affiliate software as well as cross-channel data evaluation, all of which help us manage campaigns ranging from local to multi-national.



App Downloads: Incentivize Downloads (CPD)

Ecselis offers app campaign planning and buying, campaign and target management as well as bid management to optimize positioning efficiency. Our software-agnostic approach, preferred partner pricing and long-standing relationships guarantee the wide reach of our campaigns, which can be monitored via in-house tracking. Clients also benefit from new post-install tracking, offering access to new usage metrics, as well as new payment mechanisms and unique trigger points that better incentivize conversion for a higher rate of paying customers.


Email Marketing: Broadcast Creative to a Specific Audience to Increase Awareness (CPM)

Email marketing offers unique format capabilities, such as the unfettered attention of the target user which can be used to promote multiple calls to action, time-sensitive delivery and the ability to target and personalize messages very specifically using the largest digital ad format. Ecselis allows its clients to unlock the full potential of email marketing via campaign planning, buying and management, and our ongoing reporting tools allow us to optimize campaigns as they unfold. With access to the UK’s leading brokers and data owners, best-practice articles written for the IAB and integration of email with other digital media, we guarantee high levels reach on an international level. Additionally, we offer programmatic retargeting off the back of email campaigns to optimize our clients’ ROI.


Lead Generation: Build a Database of Prospects (CPL)

Ecselis offers lead generation planning and buying, end-to-end lead buying management as well as data-capture forms and data delivery. Our offer allows clients to benefit from our strong relationships with leading lead-gen partners and our membership status of the IAB’s OLG steering group. Our offer includes integration with social and display media, as well as the creation of in-banner and on-site data-capture forms. Ecselis works across multiple sectors and is continuously optimizing in order to take full advantage of new trends such as mobile.

Affiliate Marketing

Retention Technology: Optimize Onsite Conversion on the Basis of Sales (CPA/CPL)

Ecselis offers a wide array of retention technology services. From end-to-end implementation and set-up to campaign optimization and management, we ensure best practices are always standard. Clients benefit from our experience in campaign management across multiple verticals and access to high level contacts. We are continuously improving our platforms to offer increased analytics for site optimization as well as advanced data on abandonment activity.

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