At Ecselis we take a structured, step by step approach to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

  1. Testing: Controlled A/B testing following the scientific method. Every test is run until statistical significance is reached.
  2. Design: Based on the hypotheses we develop wireframes as a tool for communication and planning. Once completed, wireframes will be passed on to the designer who will turn them into design screens (alternative layouts / content for pages online).
  3. Insight Phase: Analyze all the different sources of data, identify patterns and draw conclusions
  4. Determine Business Objectives: Deciding which metrics we want to increase
  5. Data Gathering: Set up relevant data collection and tracking and wait for the data to come in
  6. Hypothesis: Develop proper hypotheses for test and rank the hypotheses based on their potential and ease of implementation. This determines which ones will be tested first.
  7. Technical Integration: New design screens are integrated onto the website.
  8. Learning and Improving Customer Theory: Analyze test results, gain new insights and develop new hypotheses. With each test, the customer’s theory improves.

Once the final step has been completed, we go back to step 2 and continue to optimize cyclically.

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