At Ecselis, we know that targeted ad creative can also help improve performance. Our Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) offer allows us to:

  • Test new creative concepts
  • Discover and identify the best creative
  • Acquire valuable marketing insights
  • Reach every consumer with the most relevant content

Our offer functions as a rules-based platform, which allows us to serve ads based on data such as location, weather, and audience segment. Different campaigns can be created and activated for different situations.

Campaigns can run A/B tests to optimize customer response, engage consumers with personalized retargeting and even engage in scalable customer relation marketing (CRM).

A partnership with a key technology leader allows Ecselis to conveniently launch campaigns that are then automated and optimized in real-time in order to ensure best results. Our system can integrate with any client API or data feed, and provide tags to upload directly to clients’ preferred third party ad server.

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