The “Lead Gen” Solution from Ecselis

  • A new, bespoke advertising platform dedicated to performance (CPC, CPV, CPL and CPA)
  • A technology partnership with a blue-chip player
  • A network of premium publishers
  • A team of experts drawn from affiliate marketing platforms
  • Personalized program management
  • Sophisticated understanding of key sectors: Banking & Insurance, Credit, Retail, Telcos

The Strengths of Ecselis Performance

  • Expertise: Qualitative expertise. Bespoke support on developing a customer acquisition strategy via tailored recommendations
  • Network: A private premium network thanks to a proactive recruitment approach with a specific selection of media
  • Technology: Sophisticated tracking technology based on performance targets to ensure optimum responsiveness, in association with a blue-chip player
  • Analytics: Delivery of detailed reporting to monitor client strategy and boost cross-lever synergies

A Bespoke Premium Network

Our bespoke premium network is designed to bridge the gap between sectors and their campaign targets by helping publishers and advertisers connect more efficiently.

A Technology Partnership

Our performance marketing technology tops the market thanks to several features:

  • Statistics monitored on the Ecselis Performance platform
  • Real time monitoring of performance indicators
  • Rapid, personalized reporting extraction
  • Access for advertisers on request

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